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Traditional soap in thick and creamy paste, purifying and exfoliating, completely natural rich in olive oil unsaponifiables .Ideal for any skin types, with multiple usages, the woody black soap prepares for exfoliation. The black soap is part of the traditional Hammam ritual;to spread and massage with kessa glove or similar. It contains propolis extract and sage essential oil. Authentic relax and scrub. Salvia has the following remarkable properties: antiseptic, purifying, sebum normalizing, antibacterial, deodorant, refreshing, disinfecting. Stimulating and toning the peripheral microcirculation. Propolis is produced in the hive,the microcosm of the bee; It is presented as a resin of a dark color, viscous. It is a mix of different components such as resins, waxes, balsamic substances, vitamins, miner als, amino acids, flavonoids and polyphenols. It has an insulating ,disinfectant, healing function. It is undoubtedly antimicrobial,with strong antiviral action. It is a natural energizing effect, able to give new impetus to periods of fatigue and a bit' of extra resources during stressful periods.

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