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Rhassoul Clay from Sicily – Non-Soap Cleansing powder.
The Rhassoul from Sicily, composed of millenary clay, fine sea salt and essential oils, has purifying, detoxing, sculpting and cleansing properties. Applied on wet skin, like the traditional Morocco Hammam, or mixed with water or oil to obtain a more liquid consistency, the Rhassoul clay emulsifies: its fine particles swell and soften, forming a cream that gently absorbs impurities, fats and toxins. Spread over the skin like a scrub, then the Rhassoul will be rinsed off with water. . It will improve brightness and clarity of the skin. Rasshoul dry powder can be dispersed in the bath, as the clay mixed with water, purifies, regenerates and absorbs toxins, restoring skin vitality. The clay does not block drains. The clay used is extracted, and prepared by Dr. Ferraro from Argital Company: “It comes from a pit in the deep south of Sicily. The area, clean and unpolluted, is sunny and breezy for most of the year… Its age between 6 and 16 million years.. The clay, of marine origin, is rich in mineral salts and natural oligo elements that help in making it particularly active… Green Clay contains a great beauty secret. The anti-ageing and shaping properties are given by its colloidal nature. Colloid does not harden, it always remains pliable and watery. It has a triple action on the skin: it acts, by means of its silica forces, on the epidermis, which lives within the luminous sphere ; it acts, by means of its aluminium forces, on the mesoderm, which closely resembles the forces of water; it act, by means of its limestone forces, on the dermis, where the forces of heat prevail… Characterized by the presence of unsaturated iron, in other words immature iron, which we could define as young iron, similar to vegetal seeds, full of energy…”.