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Mild cleansing emollient soap cream rich in the unsaponifiable part of olive oil that gives the skin elasticity and vitality. Enriched with neem oil with anseptic antibacterial antimicrobial properties that neutralize fungus and bacteria. It is recommended for dermatological diseases and exerts a regerating, medicinal, skin tissues restoring action. Sulfur on the skin protects from bacteria and activates strong antiradicals like glutatione ; it is recommended in case of acne, alopecia, seborrhea, psoriasis. Rosemary and Thyme essential oils exert a tonifying anseptic and purifying action on skin and they have healing properties in case of acne and parasites. A possible separation or thickening of the soap does not compromise its quality and afficacy. In this case it is recommended to share before use or to warm up bain –marie.

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