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pure castilian extra virgin
Pure and natural liquid soap, extremely delicate because made out only by noble fats: 90% extra virgin olive oil straight from the oil mill and 10% coconut oil. Soap compounded in this way has a mending action on the skin besides its extraordinary cleansing and softening ones. It nourishes the skin and it stimulates its activity allowing it to breath. It cleans the skin and it spreads a protective layer on it. Pure Castilian extra virgin liquid soap stimulates cells regeneration processes; it’s free from foaming agents, preservatives and colouring. It’s highly compatible with most skin types, it’s one of the few cleansing product tolerated by people with different dermatopathies. It’s ideal for very sensitive skin types and recommended for small children. Un-scented.

Available Variants

liquid soap 1 litre bottle - recharge€ 25Add to cart
liquid soap bottle 250 ml€ 10Add to cart