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LEMON AND MINT SKIN TONIC stimulant, refreshing, cleansing, antiseptic.
Tonic for greasy skin types made with lemon, mint, aloe, lemon balm and sage. It can be used as a finish touch to clean, purify, bind and lighten the skin. Lemon has the property to strengthen organic defences. It is a good astringent, very useful for sun rashes, it lightens freckles. It is used to re-balance greasy skin and to re-store withered one. Mint tones, stimulates and refreshes. Lemon balm tones and relaxes. Sage is balsamic and disinfectant. This skin tonic is excellent used as an after shave.

Ingredients: aqua,citrus limonium, mentha piperita,salvia sclarea, melissa officinalis, aloe barbadiensis, glycerin, alcohol.