Olive oil hard soap
Skin kind and eutrophic
The dermatological soap obtained from fresh olive oil (oil produced the same year as the soap) from the oil mill (80%) and coconut oil (20%), is made by adding alkaline soda solution to distilled water. The contained glycerine is produced by the transformation of fats into salts during the process and it is not added. Once saponification is completed, other active principles such as officinal powders, essential oils, fresh fruit pulps, volcanic earths, flours, spices and natural flower essences are added to the basic mixture.
All our manufacturing phases are hand made (apart from the soapy blend mixing which is done by a machine in containers that do not exceed 50 kg at a time).\r\n

Soap compounded in this way has a mending action on the skin besides its extraordinary cleansing and softening ones.\r\n
It nourishes the skin and it stimulates its activity allowing it to breath. It cleans the skin and it spreads a protective layer on it.
It stimulates cells regeneration processes; it is eutrophic, organic and healthy.

Suggestions on how to use solid soaps
Our natural soap is totally biodegradable. It does not contain preservatives, colouring, stabilizing agents nor surface-active agents. For these reasons when the soap remains in contact with water for a prolonged period of time, it produces a soft foaming cream and it becomes soggy.\r\n
It is important to make sure that soap dishes are regularly drained from excess water or to place the bar of soap on a railed soap dish so that it stays dry after use.
non contiene conservanti, coloranti, parabeni EDTA per questo, rimanendo a contatto con l'acqua, produce una soffice crema schiumosa e tende ad ammorbidirsi. E' buona abitudine vuotare con cura i portasapone o poggiare i pezzi su una griglia, in modo da mantenerli asciutti dopo l'uso.

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